Orit Fuchs

Orit Fuchs lives and works in Tel Aviv, and is a storyteller with a deep appetite for artistic self-expression. Having worked as an art director for some of Israel’s top agencies, Fuchs has a firm grasp on pop culture and gender roles in contemporary society. Her understanding of the human psyche and her fierce talent morph into moving work that takes place somewhere in between fiction and reality, capturing glimpses from wondrous perspectives.

At the center of her work, Fuchs places the female image in monumental portraits of strong, defiant women with lots of attitude. Fuchs explores the interactions between the object and the subject, while making a humorous and ironic statement about contemporary culture. Her work presents a unique contemporary language centered on private being and mental states, and gender issues in cultural-social contexts.

Fuchs pictorial language ranges from figurative to realistic and illustrative (sometimes on the border of comics), and between expressive abstraction and a rich, ornate ornament, sometimes blurring the boundary between “high” and “low” art.

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