T.M. Glass

T.M. Glass is a Canadian artist that blends photography and digital techniques to create stunning works that investigate the beauty and symmetry found in nature. An Alumnus of Ontario College of Art and Design in the fine art program with a major in sculpture, Glass decided to focus on photography and digital techniques in 2010.

Glass uses cutting-edge photography technology in combination with digital painting techniques to create complex and detailed textures within the works. Stemming from personal engagement in horticulture, Glass pairs flora from renowned gardens with historic vessels from museums, resulting in a mesmerizing final still life. Through investigating the mathematics and geometry that govern the beauty in nature, Glass uses proportion, symmetry, and harmony to create a highly complex and exquisite work of art.

The works of T.M. Glass are held in the permanent collections of Les Jardins de M├ętis / Reford Gardens, The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and OCAD University.

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