Stephen Wilson

Conceptual artist Stephen Wilson’s street-education of textile-based techniques began with a freelance career in New York’s garment industry of the 90s. His métier quickly grew into a multifaceted studio art practice, with Wilson’s skill in digitized-embroidery at the core of his technique. Employing embroidery, painting, 3D printing, photography, sculpture and more, Wilson’s mixed-media assemblages are unique explorations of contemporary themes. His pieces often contain millions of embroidery stitches and take hundreds of hours to create.

From his studio located in Charlotte, North Carolina, a former mill town and textiles hub, Wilson aims to evoke questions about appropriation, conspicuous consumption and brand worship. His work has been exhibited in diverse locales from the Lincoln Center to the atelier of fashion-house Brunello Cucinelli, and is found in galleries, museums and private collections worldwide. Wilson has been featured in numerous fine art and popular media such as Town & Country Magazine, Huffington Post and ArtHive Magazine. Scala Arts and Heritage Publishers’ recent book on the Artist, Stephen Wilson: Luscious Threads, was released in Fall 2018.

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