Shaker Heights Home

Collecting artwork has long been a hobby for the owners of this residence, which made finding work an exciting process for the couple when remodeling their home. They first began collecting artwork when they lived in Asia. With their new Shaker Heights home full of family and love, the couple wanted artwork that created a happy and enjoyable environment for all. Each piece was bought with intent and purpose, sparking exciting conversations with family and guests about the story behind each piece.

The collection is a mix of both contemporary and traditional art, as well as photography. To them, it is less about the medium and more about the connection they feel with the artwork. For this reason, the process of collecting took time and could not be rushed. Bold and bright colors bring together the varying styles of artwork, breathing liveliness and vibrancy into the home.

In the dining room, a whimsical painting of colorful butterflies by Hunt Slonem brings rich golds and reds into the space, tying in beautifully with the light fixtures, as well as the upholstery of the seating.

In the living room, a work by Alex Katz catches anyone’s eyes as blooming red roses beam with brilliance. Beside it, a digital painting of a floral arrangement by artist T.M. Glass contrasts these bright roses with a deep dark background, drawing the viewers eyes into the lush peonies and intricate details of the vessel. The graceful artwork spoke to the client as she recalled memories of gathering peonies in Asia to create floral arrangements to bring joy into her families’ home.

These gorgeous floral pieces by Alex Katz and T.M. Glass find the balance between modern edge and timeless classic.

These artworks complement each other perfectly, balancing different moods within the same space. Deep emerald greens in each piece align, bringing harmony with color into the tranquil space.

Pops of colors create a cohesive flow through this space.

In the center of the living room is a beautiful collection of purple and gold Klübos by Alejandra Núñez Advent. The lamp colors match the Klübos, paralleling the golds within the work. Deep purples are carried across the space in artist Nick Veasey’s glowing x-ray images of flowers

Blending contemporary with classic.

Bold reds decorate shelving in the hallway. Illuminated Klübo sculptures are styled, stacked on top of one another and bring a sleek yet fun addition into the space.

The harmonious colors in Ian Davenport’s work bring life and spice into the kitchen area.

Near the entryway are two bold portraits, one of Elvis Presley by Mr. Brainwash and another of the Queen by Jennifer Lashbrook. A clear statement sets the tone of the home with Mr. Brainwash’s signature quote “ART IS NOT A CRIME”. The unique paint chip piece of the Queen shines bright with vibrant blues and purples, capturing her regality.

Within an alcove, a bold and dynamic painting by Neill Wright breathes color into the dark space.

An exotic work of an endearing elephant by artist Arno Elias fills this smaller room with joy.

Cuban artist Mabel Poblet Pujol created this vibrant mixed media work of three sets of legs. The light illuminates through the acetate flowers and brings life into a darker space.