Scott Pattinson

The work of painter Scott Pattinson (b. 1974, Toronto) may be seen in the context of an early 21st century resurgence of formalism unburdened by the meta-narratives of modern abstraction. Pattinson’s thematically organized oil paintings are micro-narratives of collective experience articulated through colour, texture and an exacting spatial sensibility.

Pattinson studied architecture and urban design at the University of Toronto and completed a BES in Urban Design from the University of Waterloo.  Although he did not pursue architecture as an artistic career, his painting subject matter continues an exploration and mediation upon urbanization and tensions between manufactured landscapes and spiritual fulfillment. For Pattinson, painting offered a more immediate creative flexibility and emotional multiplicity that architecture design could not. From his formal training however, he draws upon sculptural elements to define his painting style; often using wide brush, thick and raucous pallette, and actionable approach. A prolific painter, Pattinson’s body of work uniformly evokes the energy of his intense and conscious engagement of the moment where emotion and sensuality are built into mapped geometries and specificity and architectural endorsement.

Since 2005, he has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in galleries across Canada, including a 2014 retrospective at Gallery Stratford. His work is held in corporate and private collections in Canada, US and Internationally.

He paints from a renovated barn in rural Southern Ontario, Canada.

Available Work