Remodeled 1920s Cleveland Heights Home

Built in the 1920’s, this historical home was transformed into a modern space through the use of color, boldness, and storytelling. Moving through the space, an openness is felt, allowing for the artwork to find unity and cohesion. The collection of artwork transcends the barriers of walls and across floors. Significant stories within each piece are threaded together throughout the home, allowing for the story of the collector to surface.

Standing at the bottom of the stairway, artwork can be seen in every direction. Bright pops of color carry the eyes throughout the spaces. Abstract works and iconic figures complement each other and create balance. A bright pointillist painting of Nelson Mandela by artist Gavin Rain pops off the dark wooden walls. Blues and yellows in the dots of colors are carried similarly above in a dreamy neon light sculpture.

The Todd Sanders Firefly sculpture breathes life into the stairway, adding a whimsical element to the space as the neon fireflies flicker in the jar.

Across from Nelson Mandela in the foyer is a brightly saturated silkscreen image by artist Ian Davenport.

Neill Wright’s painting in the living room plays off the colors in Ian Davenport’s silkscreen piece perfectly

Similar exotic colors are found in works by Neill Wright and Julian Stanczak’s iconic Op Art prints in the living room.

Listening to the desires of the client, we reached out to our artist, Neill Wright, and commissioned him to create a piece that brings colors and elements together above the fireplace.

A bright orange diptych of walkers by Rod Hayslip fills the dining room with warmth, pulling from similar colors in Ian Davenport’s silkscreen piece. Rich pops of red in the walking scene are repeated similarly in the dining room velvet chairs.



Frida Kahlo, a well-known icon re-created by Jennifer Lashbrook, is deeply saturated with warm reds and cool blues and continues to add warmth and color to the room.

“We love the contrast between the historical home and the modern look. It brightens our every day.” -Client

In the kitchen, a statement silkscreen of Queen Elizabeth by Mr. Brainwash fits perfectly in their space.

In the hallway, a Julian Stanczak piece, given as a thoughtful birthday gift, hangs beside the window and brightens up the space.

A statement screenprint by artist Hijack is displayed nearby, containing similar pinks and yellows to complement the Stanczak.

In the bedroom, the perfect tranquil scene is set with a photographic work by Jin-Woo Prensena. The dreamy and bright beach scene is the perfect serene image to unwind beside.

In the client’s office, a painting by Marti Steffi complements an empowering piece of Wonder Woman by paint chip artist Jennifer Lashbrook