Randal Ford

Randal Ford is an internationally recognized photographer based in Austin, Texas. Ford captures the essence of his animal subjects through a simplistic yet sophisticated aesthetic. He is captivated by details, creative collaboration, and chasing a timeless aesthetic.

In Ford’s classic animal portraits, he aims to elicit an emotion in the viewer through the focus that is placed on the expression and detail of the subject. When creating animal portraits, Ford and his team tailor lighting and background to each animal’s form and fabric, finding ways to compliment the animal’s features. The simplicity of the background allows the animal to become the singular focal point. Quick reflexes and intuition are imperative when capturing the split moment where each animal’s expression, pose, and essence all come together. At this moment, a seemingly quick glimpse of the animal’s personality is captured forever in a still image.

Ford’s work has appeared on the cover of  Time Magazine, 20 different Texas Monthly covers, and the cover of Communication Arts, the advertising industry’s most prestigious publication.

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