Nick Veasey

A man with x-ray vision, Nick Veasey creates art that shows what it is really like on the inside. Everyday objects are transformed from the banal to the beguiling and the layers and make-up of natural items are shown in fantastic detail. These works are a classic example of the fusion between art and science as Veasey’s work with radiographic imaging equipment takes the x-ray to another level.

Veasey’s x-rays penetrate the surface and take us on a journey into a world otherwise hidden and unseen. The inner life of objects and organisms is revealed, the surface replaced with transparency, the inside becomes the outside. Creating art with radiation is complex and dangerous but the results continually inspire Veasey to keep experimenting. Veasey’s x-rays penetrate solid matter to render it ghostly and gentle, giving the viewers that precious feeling that they have somehow seen reality afresh with an aspect to life that they have never before experienced.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London have recently added his work to the British National Collection of Photography.

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