Louis Chanu

The inspiration for Louis Chanu’s work comes from nature, its varying qualities of light, its organic shapes, and the complex relationship between people and nature, alongside the element of time causing endless change. His greatest passion and also greatest challenge is to interpret his surroundings through the medium of sculpture.

Chanu’s latest work consists of a unique technique in which he is able to nickel-plate bronze. This new approach allows for the use of contrasting characteristics between the two metals to highlight certain facets of a sculpture. As nickel has a sheen similar to silver, it reflects its environment and the changing light conditions. Bronze has more of a matte finish. This creates a fascinating effect as the sculpture and its surroundings interact dynamically.

Chanu’s works draw the viewer into a contemplation of the effect of time on nature, incorporating such issues as ageing, the meaning of balance, and the relationship between ourselves and the environment. The artist lives and works in the Elgin Valley near Cape Town, South Africa.

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