Jenny Stadler

Born in 1938, Jenny Stadler is a full time South African abstract painter based in Parkwood, Johannesburg. Stadler earned a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts and has exhibited extensively in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

While her work is primarily oil on canvas, Stadler occasionally uses found objects such as Lion matchstick boxes and Chappies bubble-gum wrappers which have a nostalgic significance to South African Pop-culture in her works.

Her abstract work carries an expressionist-style through the use of vibrant colors, dramatic brushwork, and a thick application of impasto paint. Possessing an emotionally loaded quality, her art has the unique ability to capture a mood within every painting.

Inspired by the African landscape, Stadler works intuitively through improvisation directly onto the canvas. Her titles are symbolic references in that each painting evokes its particular spirit and feeling.

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