Investment Group

This Investment Group was transformed into a welcoming and employee-friendly space with an uplifting artwork collection. The collection includes fun and colorful artwork, perfect for open white walls.

Listening to the Group’s mission, we recommended works that would be cheerful and spark conversation. A brightly saturated and layered painting by Neill Wright brings depth into one of their conference spaces. Inspired by the flora of his hometown in South Africa, Neill Wright’s work introduces a new kind of radiance to the environment.

In the lobby, three different works are brought together in a unifying way through color. Bright blues and saturated oranges bring contrast into the environment. The light-hearted nature of each work allows for unexpected conversations.

A stunning pointillist portrait of Grace Kelly by Gavin Rain fills the room with saturated dots of color. Immediately drawn in by the color of her eyes, a harmony of warm blues occurs between ethereal work by Meredith Pardue and an apple sculpture by Neill Wright. This lobby creates a welcoming and uplifting environment for anyone that steps foot into the shared space.

Uplifting and carefully selected artwork creates a welcoming space for all.

This artwork by Norm Paris is comprised of hand-modified sports cards and is hung beside the entryway into an office space. Recognizable sport narratives bring life to the space with athletic icons reimagined through mixed-media techniques. Beautiful colors and remarkable mark-making techniques are captivating, inviting anyone to take a closer look at each card.

Another conference room overlooking the city is filled with eye-catching colors by artist Neill Wright. Layers and movement in the work make the space feel more open and alive.

It was important to have the artwork align with the company’s values and vision. This carefully curated space elevates the entire work environment.

Resin sculptures of Life Savers by Neill Wright are placed beside the doorway into the breakroom, sparking joy as anyone walks by.

Through trust and collaboration between the client and District Gallery, a typical workspace was transformed into an enjoyable environment to work and do business!