Home on a Lake

This remodeled residence celebrates togetherness as a couple weaves together their different tastes though bold artwork they both connect with. Tall ceilings and windows of the home provide spacious walls, allowing deep saturated colors to breathe in its openness. Balance is necessary and present in this home as lights compliment darks, pops of colors compete with warm grays, and equilibrium is found between a shimmering lake outside their tall windows and the inherent movement of each bold artwork.

T.M. Glass’ floral artwork offers a deep grounding presence to the atmosphere of the room, complimenting the delicacy of the glass fixtures that hang above. The floral arrangement feels ethereal and moving while being pulled from the deep background, but forever captured within the stillness of an image.

The clients connected with work that was bold, exquisite, and deeply emotive.

Danielle Rovetti’s monochromatic artwork reveals a pure white canvas as fabric drapes downward, airy and elegant. Opposite of this, the layered elements of Neill Wright’s dreamy and saturated painting lift upwards in careful motion.

Although immensely different, opposite movements and colors provide balance. The qualities of each work do not compete with each other, only complement one another.

To the right of Danielle Rovetti’s work is a painting full of expression by Jenny Stadler. Pure white canvas is also revealed as thick and gestural brushstrokes cover the surface sparingly. Pops of color parallel the rich colors in Neill Wright’s layered painting.

In the spacious living room that overlooks a lake, two pieces flank the opposite corners of the room, offering twisting and turning movements, unveiling different layers of color.

Saturated color and movement fills the expansive walls, with the glimmering lake in the background.

Boldness is embodied in each artwork, tying together the beautiful elements of each.