Carlos Rolón

Born to a Puerto-Rican family, Carlos Rolón’s background allows him to explore personal ideas which directly deal with questions of inclusion, aspiration, and cultural identity. Often connecting his work to childhood memories, Rolón bore witness to the ways in which households have adapted to new American middle-class lifestyles

It is from here Rolón takes inspiration and transforms these vantage points producing a hybrid language of exuberant flora paintings, sculpture, social practice and site-specific installations composed of diverse materials that offer opportunities for selfreflection, rich symbolism and community engagement, bridging the divide between public and private.

Rolón explores how cultivated settings and social barriers operate and their relationship to postcolonial spaces. His work is at once melancholic, excessive and exuberant, poised somewhere between celebration and regret, inviting the viewer to engage in discourse and discussion.

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