Bruce Jefferies Reinfeld

Bruce Jefferies Reinfeld is from Philadelphia. His passion for photography began with his drive to capture images of the immediate world and the people that surrounded him. Through his early years of intensive self-study, he later honed his craft at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts in NYC.
Bruce’s personal philosophy focuses on the belief that beauty surrounds us all. It exists even in the most common people, animals and things. However, the distraction of our daily lives blinds us to this beauty, leaving us to just pass them without providing the appropriate recognition to their existence. Bruce’s mission is to direct us to see the beauty in unusual things
He works with 35 mm film bodies and toy plastic cameras – along with infrared film and black & white stock in 35 mm and 120 mm format. In 2019, under the moniker, Hifidisco, he has released his lenticular shape series. A study of abstract pattern, color, and movement which launched softly in December 2018 at Art Basel in Miami.

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