Alejandra Nuñez Advent

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandra Nuñez Advent was early introduced to world of art. As the daughter of the esteemed glass artist, Rubén Núñez, whose work is featured in the MoMA, trips to museums and galleries on Sundays were a weekly ritual. Initially pursuing a career in graphic design, Alejandra subsequently changed her career to become an interior designer.

In exploring different forms of creativity and artistic expression, she found her voice in the creation of Klübos. Finding inspiration in her identity—using the beauty of her hometown of Caracas and the lessons of her father to create her own stunning pieces of art. What sets the Klübos apart is that its beauty can be subjective, in that each spectator sees something different. It moves people in different ways, as there is a tactile connection to the art that molds to the hand and wishes to be touched.

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