Golf Course Home

Overlooking an expansive golf course, this bright forever home was brought to life with welcoming and peaceful statement pieces. In each room, light pours in from the abundant windows and lands on spacious walls. The clients wished for their favorite serene blue to travel through these open spaces to create visual continuity. A natural connection would be essential in choosing artwork in order to create an inviting feel throughout the home.

Listening to the desires of the client, and working closely with their designer, we saw an opportunity for artwork to elevate their spaces. Viewing artwork at the gallery, the clients connected with several exquisite pieces. The designer suggested artwork that would interact beautifully with the natural lighting from the windows, resulting in the choice of soft and airy statement pieces. We connected with our artists and commissioned several pieces for their walls.

Entering the home, a commissioned steel sculpture by Matt Devine creates a tranquil entryway into the foyer, interacting with the delicate, ever-changing light that floats in.

In the dining room, warm floors and brassy light fixtures offered the perfect ground for earthy and natural artwork. Marc Ross’ abstract artworks complement the warmth of the dining room.

The hallway emits lovely pinks, blues, and earthy tones with Peter Hoffer’s commissioned tree and Carolina Kane’s lumen prints. The softest hues are pulled from the dining room and carried through the hallway, creating a serene atmosphere.

Through collaboration between clients, designer, and District Gallery, this forever home became a warm, welcoming space.

Although hallways, floors, and doors separated the artwork, a consistent color and elegance transcended boundaries to create a coherent collection of artwork.

Upstairs, another statement piece by Geoffrey Gersten welcomes family to stay awhile, placed in between the guest bedrooms.