Modern Beachwood Home

Surrounded by art collectors from a young age, art became a passion for the owners of this home. It was important for these clients to continuously learn about the history of each artist and simultaneously allow an open-minded approach to guide their collection. The historical context of each artwork gives the home a collective sense of intrigue and fills the space with inspiration. Early influences by David Hockney and Robert Longo are prestigious parts of their collection. Their goal was to “fill their space with beautiful and striking artwork.”

In the living room, a bright and expressive painting by Jenny Stadler brings a brilliant red into the space. Similar hues are carried along the high walls in other artworks. Below is a landscape by David Hockney that carries similar expressive patterns and colors.

Above the fireplace is a layered tondo painting by Neill Wright. The organic shapes in the piece enhance the wood grain of the wall. Above that, hangs “Pinocchio” by Jim Dine –one of the first pieces acquired by the collector.

This modern home is full of contemporary artworks that make the entire space feel alive.

Every space is full of inspiration and story

Intricate patterning in sculptures by Neill Wright and Loren Kaplan feature beautiful, intimate details.

The family room features a variety of high-contrast and colorful works. Each piece is vastly different in texture and media. Bright blues and reds carry the eye from one work to the next, creating visual continuity and balance.

Moving through each room, a sense of unity is felt through the selection of bold and expressive artworks.

A lively atmosphere is created on each wall. Color unites each piece within the space, yet the variation of media allows each work to stand by itself. Looking into the family room, the distinct painting style of Damien Hirst’s cherry blossoms complement the stylized figures of Julian Opie’s work.

Statement pieces by Mr. Brainwash set the tone for this art lover’s home with phrases that state “ART IS NOT A CRIME” and “Life is Beautiful”.


Stunning colors and expressive lines surround the dining room table. The bold mark-making of Jim Dine’s pieces complement the flat and sophisticated colors of Ian Davenport’s and Alex Katz’s works.

“I’m always interested in the story of the artist, their influences from a historical context, and why they paint what they paint.” – Client

Up the stairway, various artworks are curated in a striking style. Each work is placed with purpose and intent, creating an extraordinary scene through bold colors, patterning, and storytelling.

Up the stairs, various portraits of recognizable figures lead into the bedroom. Iconic portraits bring pops of bright color into the space.

Vastly different artworks weave collectively through color and pattern, creating visual unity throughout the entire home.


Above the bed, a beautiful figure by William Kentridge ties together the bold black and white patterns in the room.

Strategic bursts of color are an excellent way to create interest and excitement in a space.

A graffiti artwork by Bisco Smith complements the repetition in the wallpaper.

Flashy snakeskin wallpaper provides a beautiful backdrop for radiant works by Stephen Wilson and Marco Grassi.

A curated collection of artwork sparks conversation for visitors who enter a home.

Artwork from different types of artists coexist perfectly through careful curation and placement within the home.


A graceful portrait by Alex Katz carries bold blues and reds that are found in other rooms throughout the home.

KAWS dolls and other unique sculptures are collected and arranged in a curated manner on shelves.