Cheese Company’s Corporate Headquarters

This company moved to a new bright and open headquarters to build upon their employee-centered values. The entire space is user friendly and reflects the company’s mission through corresponding artwork. Each artwork tells a unique story, featuring some of the company’s defining symbols.

When employees and guests walk through the entrance of the headquarters, eye-catching bright colors and shapes immediately greet them. A large-scale mural in the front lobby by Lauren Pearce stretches an impressive 103 feet long, telling the powerful story of community.

Faces are woven throughout the mural, showing the image of togetherness, a value that is integral to the company’s foundation. The mural also incorporates several of the company’s colors.

Gavin Rain’s pointillist diptych of cows exhibit a beautiful use of cool blues and warm greens, creating a serene environment for anyone that walks into the company headquarters.

Near the building’s entrance is a diptych by Gavin Rain of pointillist cows, capturing another central story of the company.

Because the company’s mission is to supply high quality cheese products across the country, we thought artwork of cows throughout the building was central to showing what the company does.

We reached out to our esteemed artist, Gavin Rain, and asked if he would use his signature pointillist style to paint cows. Normally depicting images of well-known figures, Gavin Rain was excited to take on a new challenge.

In the common work area, the packaging of their award-winning cheese is depicted by artist Paul Rousso. The technique of making 2-dimensional materials into 3-dimensional objects results in artwork that has beautiful flow and captivating design.

A cheese sculpture by Neill Wright brings a cheerful spirit to the entryway. Made with wood and acrylic, the bright yellow sculpture livens the entire atmosphere and unifies the mission of the company.